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Warning Regarding Inactive Financial Reports
We strongly advise against deactivating or making any financial reports "Inactive" until AFTER you have posted, and OTC Markets has reviewed an amended report for the same period end date. Changes of this nature may affect OTC Markets ability to confirm your company is publishing current information in compliance with amended Rule 15c2-11. Deactivating reports may affect your 211 status and result in the company moving to the Expert Market.

Amended Pink Basic Disclosure Guidelines and Best Practices Effective December 31, 2022
OTC Markets Group has published amendments to the Pink Basic Disclosure Guidelines (Guidelines). The amendments to the Guidelines have been updated to require additional information about ownership and to improve investor access to company disclosure by establishing best practices for publication of the disclosure documents and any accompanying Attorney Letters.

All quarterly and annual reports for the period ended December 31, 2022 or later must be prepared using the amended Guidelines.

View the Pink Basic Disclosure Guidelines

If you have any questions about the guidelines, you are welcome to contact us at issuers@otcmarkets.com.

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    Expand investment advisors' ability to research and recommend securities. Learn more
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    Give investors access to real-time bid and ask price and size. Learn more
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