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The following are some of the trademarks and service marks of OTC Markets Group Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  This list may be updated by OTC Markets Group at any time without notice.

OTC Dealer®
OTC Disclosure and News Service®
OTC IntelligenceTM
OTC Market Report®
OTCQX International Premier®
OTCQX International®
OTCQX U.S. Premier®
OTC Pink Current InformationTM
OTC Pink Limited InformationTM
OTC Pink No InformationTM
Pink Sheets®
Real-Time Reference PriceTM
Yellow Sheets®

The absence of a name, logo, or other mark on this list does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that OTC Markets has established in any of its products, services, programs, features, trademarks, service marks, service names, or logos.


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Approved Logos

No OTC Markets-owned graphic symbol, logo, icon, or image may appear on or in any publication or in advertising, promotional, and sales materials without the express prior written permission from OTC Markets.

If you have received written permission to use our logos, you must use only the following OTC Markets-approved artwork when using our logos:



OTC Pink Logo


Rules for Proper Use of OTC Markets’ Trademarks

  • Always spell and capitalize the trademark exactly as it is shown in the Trademarks List.
  • When using the marks in publications include the appropriate ™ or ® symbol on first use to give notice that OTC Markets claims trademark rights in the term.
  • In advertising copy, notice of trademark rights may be provided in a footnote format – e.g., by placing an asterisk adjacent to the OTC Markets’ Brand Feature and placing an appropriate notice at the bottom of the page on which the asterisk appears. Example: * OTCQX is a trademark of OTC Markets Group Inc. 
  • Always use a trademark as an adjective accompanied by a noun, not as a noun.
    • Incorrect – “ABCD is an OTC pink ”
    • Correct – “ABCD is an OTC PinkTM stock”

Unauthorized Use of OTC Markets’ Brand Features

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