The Best Market

OTCQX® for banks is a public market designed to meet the unique needs of U.S. regional and community banks. A cost-effective market that leverages bank regulatory reporting standards, OTCQX provides banks with shareholder-friendly trading experience through peer benchmarking, dedicated capital market support and enhanced visibility. OTCQX helps investors identify well managed and strongly capitalized financial institutions with an information-rich and trusted public market comparable to a stock exchange.

Benefits of the OTCQX Market

  • Enhanced Visibility - OTCQX is recognized among investors for distinguishing the most established and investor-focused companies trading on our markets. Banks on OTCQX will exclusively trade alongside other established banks that act with integrity, and also have high operational and financial standards.
  • Transparent Disclosure – Banks can leverage their existing financial reports and regulatory filings to qualify for OTCQX. As part of the OTCQX requirements, banks must follow investor relations best practices such as timely news dissemination of material events and earnings announcements to build confidence that their public market price reflects all available public information.
  • Wide Distribution - Through its large network of data distributors and media partners, OTC Markets Group will ensure financials are promptly distributed, readily available, and easily consumable so banks can maximize the value of being public by sharing their stories widely with investors and depositors.
  • Dedicated Capital Market Support – Banks appoint an OTCQX Sponsor, providing access to institutional investors, trading expertise, wealth management and investment banking services.
  • Peer Benchmarking – Banks will trade with other well-managed, shareholder-friendly financial institutions, allowing for easy benchmarking against their peers. OTCQX Banks will also serve as a baseline for a new community bank index to provide a more accurate benchmark for the performance of small and mid-sized banks across the nation.
  • Exclusive Branding Opportunities - As part of our best market, banks have access to our expansive network of broker-dealers, investors, and companies. OTCQX companies are showcased in our marketing materials, including our monthly newsletter, social media,, collateral, email marketing, and advertising. OTCQX companies may also "Light up the Market," a socially-enabled marketing and photo opportunity available to all OTCQX companies.
  • Better Shareholder Experience – Shareholders have access to an efficient trading facility, high quality disclosure and trusted companies so they can trade with confidence. Shareholders do not have to trade bank securities out of "desk drawers."

Corporate IR Services

OTCQX gives smaller and growth companies a suite of services to optimize and build their investor relations programs – enabling them to effectively share their qualifications and distribute information – simply.

OTC Disclosure & News:
Publish and distribute data, news, and financials to a wide audience of investors.

Companies use the OTC Disclosure & News to post disclosure and company news for investors. Annual and interim reports, news releases, material events, investor videos, and presentations appear on and the company quote page. Companies can also elect to have this information feed directly to PR Newswire’s expansive network, including local, national and Reg. FD-compliant news portals. OTC Disclosure & News also distributes fundamental data in XBRL format through EDGAR Online to investment databases and financial sites such as Yahoo! Finance.

Real Time Level 2 Quotes:
Give investors access to real-time bid and ask price and size.

Investors want to see current available liquidity in a security. OTCQX includes sponsorship of real-time level 2 quotes – so all investors and market participants can see broker-dealer bid and ask prices and size, closely track market activity, and trade with confidence.

Blue Sky Monitoring:
Expand investment advisors’ ability to research and recommend securities.

Blue Sky laws are U.S. state laws that regulate the offer and sale of securities. In order for regulated broker-dealers and investment advisors to be able to recommend, solicit or even discuss a security with investors in any of the 50 states or 4 U.S. territories, the security must comply with the blue sky laws of the state in which the investor resides.

Many companies are surprised to learn that their securities are not compliant with the Blue Sky laws in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Companies on OTCQX are typically automatically compliant in 38 – 45 states, and can independently work to gain compliance in additional states.

The OTCQX Blue Sky Monitoring Service offers companies a customized daily audit of state-by-state compliance and advance reminders on filing renewal deadlines, so they can track and expand their reach to a greater pool of U.S. investors.

OTC Market Report:
Get a weekly summary of market performance and trading activity.

OTCQX companies get a concise visual summary of market performance and trading activity delivered weekly via email. OTC Market Reports can be easily redistributed to a company’s board of directors, management team, and shareholders.