Real-Time Level 2 Quote Display

Real-Time Level 2 Quotes refers to all broker-dealer bid/ask quote prices and size in a security, in real time. Real-time Level 2 Quotes are important because investors want to see the available liquidity in a security. They also give investors the confidence that they are receiving the best price for their investment. Companies may subscribe to the Real-Time Level 2 Quote Display Service so that investors and market participants have free access to see the available liquidity in their security.

Once companies sponsor Real-Time Level 2 Quotes for their investors, they will be available on our website Companies can also display them on their corporate website. Click here for more information.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Price Discovery – Investors can trade with confidence, knowing they are getting the best price since transparent pricing is widely available
  • Build Visibility – Investors can closely track market activity and have better insight into available liquidity when they are able to see each broker-dealer quote price and size
  • Offer Dynamic Information – Level 2 Quotes are displayed on and can also be easily integrated into a company's corporate IR website

How to Subscribe

Please contact Corporate Services at or 212.896.4420 to subscribe.

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