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    • An investment in an OTC security is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. Many OTC securities are relatively illiquid, or "thinly traded," which tends to increase price volatility. Illiquid securities are often difficult for investors to buy or sell without dramatically affecting the quoted price. In some cases, the liquidation of a position in an OTC security may not be possible within a reasonable period of time.

    • Reliable information regarding issuers of OTC securities, their prospects, or the risks associated with the business of any particular issuer or an investment in the issuer's securities may not be available. As a result, it may be difficult to properly value an investment in an OTC security.

    • Issuers of OTC securities quoted on the OTC Link system have no duty to provide any information to investors. While many issuers register OTC securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and may provide regular reports to investors in connection with such registration, issuers are not required to maintain such registration or provide such reports because their securities are quoted on OTC Link. Securities may continue to be quoted on the OTC Link system if issuers are delinquent in their reporting obligation to the SEC or other federal or state regulatory agencies. Quotation of a security on the OTC Link system or the Yellow Sheets does not in itself create any ongoing filing or reporting obligations with the SEC for any issuer. In many cases, issuers may not even be aware that their securities are quoted on the OTC Link system.

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